Message From Our President

When I founded the Wealth Strategies Group in 2001, it was based on a simple idea, “Doing what is in the client’s best interest is always the right answer.”

After spending five years in the investment business with a national “wirehouse” brokerage firm, I had seen enough to understand that the traditional Wall Street model of manufacturing investment products to be packaged and sold was outdated and fundamentally flawed.

I knew then that long term success and meaningful growth of clients’ hard earned assets was more than buying into the latest trend or following self serving corporate investment strategies.

There was a better way. Clients’ needs must come first, investment portfolios must be structured with innovation and independent due diligence, and investments must be consistently monitored for changes in life situations as well as market conditions.

“Doing what is in your best interest
is always the right answer.”

Fast forward to today, and the Wealth Strategies Group has helped thousands of people just like yourself that are looking for innovative, personalized financial strategies to live the life they want.

Our conservative wealth management, advanced retirement planning capabilities, innovative tax efficient strategies, and family succession planning have uniquely positioned our clients for safety and success for nearly two decades and counting.

If you are looking for Independent Certified Financial Planner™ Professionals that will put your needs first, objectively answer your questions about how to best secure your financial future, and protect what you’ve worked so hard to achieve for yourself and your family, then schedule an appointment to see us today.

We’re looking forward to helping you live the life you want.

Travis Allen

Certified Financial Planner™
President, Wealth Strategies Group

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